3-06-15 by dave

A bright brisk sunny morning greeted the morning crew with Mineral Basin calling with wide open carpets that had been laid out and coated by some wind transported dust just to sweeten the ride.  Lewis and Clark was good for a couple of laps before it got worked over.  The recent snow has been great material for the Cats to work with, and the Cat Crew has done an amazing job of pulling it off night after night.  I am able to lay down the arcs just the way I want.  After all the firmness of the recent past, it is great to have the goods back and the drive line full on and fun.  Off trail is beginning to get a bit more challenging, though there is some wind work going on that is obvious and worth the effort to get at it.  Here is a shot of Dr. Pepper and his lovely lady as they prepared to go snowmobiling out in Mineral.  He is leaving for the season and we will miss him.  Fair winds Dr.  DSC02663Tomorrow, look for another ripping day on the Groomers, with a bit warmer temp., great coverage no matter where you venture- although there are spots- , and some of the best sunny day conditions of the year.  Looking off trail for the goods will pay off with runs on the High North that are holding some of that wind filled goodness that will keep you coming back.  The Exotic trees are very nice with dry chalky snow, but the interference patterns are widespread.  They have been doing a great job on Bananas, which is worth the trip there on it’s own.DSC02664  I ran into Coach Whittingham in the afternoon and we made a couple of ripping runs top to bottom.  We talked about stillness in the turn which he has got down and is throwing it down in a big way.  Keep SIZZLING coach!!  Stay Frosty!!

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  1. Jay says:

    Met Dave getting on the first TRAM ride, what great fun. He said stay on the groomers and loved every minute of it. Brought new friends to the Bird, haden’t been there for over 15 years. Always great! Keep up the great work Dave! Will see you again soon, hopefully!!!!!

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