3-05-15 by dave

As anticipated, the Groomers were off the charts ripping today as the recent installment really went a long way in covering the old layer.  There was not even a hint of the crunch for the first part of the day until things started to get worked.   Off trail lines were beginning to set up, becoming a bit stiff and lumpy.  A slow and deliberate approach seemed to work well, as the pliability still responded to a well executed turn.  Interference pattens are rapidly rising in the usual places, but those ripping steep winch treated lines make those big drops a bit like back country wind slab and a great option.   Got to love the perfect carve-ability of the wind slab.   Here is a shot of the North facing Bookend Chute looking fat after the new installment.  Wind lines were beginning to show up in places, and I checked them out for consistency.  I found them supportable and feeling dry and chalky.  DSC02658Tomorrow, look for a bit warmer day, awesome ripping Hydro Velvet for the morning session, and low traffic on the hill.  The High North will still be holding the cold and will be missing that Sun working it.  Watch those South faces in the AM as they may be a bit interesting.   Here is a shot of a world famous ripper I encountered after he had ripped the big North facing chute.  You never know who you will encounter on the hill on any given day.  DSC02662See for the early corduroy extravaganza on all  sides of the hill.  You can choose your carpet with full confidence.  Enjoy the ride.   Peace Out!!!

2 Responses to “HYDRO VELVET”

  1. mark jones says:

    Hi Dave, Good news, I have work, BAD news I have work. Miss you guys! Enjoy the ride after the frenzy. Thanks for doing what you do!!!! Enjoy the best day ever. Hope to see you soon, M.J.

  2. Tom and Betty says:

    Hey Jonesy, we miss you up there too. Been looking, but no luck except one day we saw you from Little Cloud chair on Reg narrows.

    But the good news bad news is what it is we guess. Will keep looking for you!


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