4-20-13 by dave

The rain was making a racket on the Trailer all night long, lulling me to sleep knowing that this Spring storm was bringing another installment to the hill.   This delivery was much higher density, and not the Winter blast that we had during the last storm.  The conditions were still good to go, and the hill opened in sequence as the snow safety was completed.  The low angle aspects were feeling the creamiest, and were being ignored in favor of the more popular drops.   Sometimes the unacknowledged lines go begging, especially when the visibility is an issue, and while others are charging the big lines, you can mine the goods all by yourself.  Tomorrow, look for the clouds to have moved off, the Groomers to be offering real ground pounding fun, the off trail to still have lines to work on all exposures, and fairly light traffic.  The Sun will be working the new installment, so be sure to chase the exposures to stay ahead of the heat damage.  Here is a shot I took the other day, before we got DSC01444the Winter return, of Pagan Bowl looking smooth and inviting.  See you in the AM. for the rock and roll festivities!!   Stay frosty!!

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