4-21-13 by dave

It was still cold this morning, and that cold had pulled a lot of the moisture from yesterday’s product, making the feel today Winter cold and dry.    The Sun was shining unobstructed, but the cold air and stout wind kept the dance floor dry and chalky until 1:00 PM.  Powder Paradise and The Road to Provo had been held out yesterday, so there were fresh lines for today’s attendees.  Here is a shot of the Bookends looking as smooth and tasty as it was when they got the control issues handled.  The worked over off trail was lumpy with a low amplitude rumble, cushioned by the small accumulation, but it skied pretty well with a deliberate approach.   The front of the hill featured a stellar Grooming job, with the Big Smooth putting the icing on the cake, with smooth silky quality that hadDSC01459 me salivating for another ground pounding descent.  Yummm!!!  The conditions seem to be as good as it has been all season, and everywhere you went you were treated to that late season goodness.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be still holding the cold, however, the lower elevations and aspects that saw the direct Sun are going to be crispy, so look for the Northern aspects to be the first call.  There is some weather moving in for tomorrow, so the visibility could be variable and might hold off any thaw that might have occurred, but we will just have wait and see.  The traffic will be light, so the high vertical assault will be full on and easy to get.  See you in the AM.   Ciao!!

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