4-22-13 by dave


The last blast of the last series of storms hung on the hill this morning with cold temps, challenging visibility, a light dusting on the dance floor, and continued snow fall.  The off trail had set up and, in the very tough visibility, made it tough sledding.   The Groomers still had some of the dry feel despite the firmness, with the exception of the lower 1000′ that was very crispy, only saved by the light dusting that gave tooth to the turns.  I tried both sides of the hill, avoiding the Mineral Basin milk bottle, finding it was much more advantageous to stick with the trees for reference.  The snow flurries continued for most of the day, but I had bailed after the Forklift debriefing meeting to take care of pressing matters I have been putting off.  The clouds moved off later in the afternoon, setting up the next stretch of Spring weather predicted to stay for the next while.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the best on the hill, as the off trail will still be tricky, but at least you will be able to see it and make your own assessment.  Mineral Basin will be going off first, before the Sun gets a chance to work the material.  The lower third of the hill will still be quite crispy, so give it time to mellow, which will be some time after 11:00 AM.  I will have a more detailed report when I can actually see the dance floor.  Here is a shot of an interesting formation I took a couple of weeks ago during my forays out on a Lewis and Clark expedition.  See you for the rockin’ party in the AM.!!!!   Syrup won’t stop ‘Em!!!DSC01154

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