4-23-13 by dave

It was 12 degrees on the Peak this morning, with bright Sun, still air, and very nice Groomers prepared for the light turn out.  The clear night, yesterday’s overcast dusting, and cold temps, rejuvenated the hill back into a mid Winter feel.  The High North was still fully holding the cold, and was skiing nicely, with low amplitude rumble the only demerits.  Mineral Basin had been machine buffed, offering the steep drops that you could lap time after time.  The front of the hill was favoring the Peruvian Gulch, where the cold dry chalk was  making the runs smooth and consistent.  Only the very low elevations were crispy, but the small amount of dust gave some tooth to the turns.  The cold did not give way to the Sun until after 2:00PM. where even the lowest elevations were very slow to thaw out.  I kept hitting it until 2:30 PM and it was still good to go top to bottom.   The cold day went a long way in preserving the cold quality of the hill, and kept it from getting so saturated.  Tomorrow, look for continued great sliding, with only the bottom third of the hill problematic in the AM.  The High North will still be holding the cold and will be offering the best off trail lines.  The Groomers will also still be holding the dry chalk for the most part, however the West facing aspects will be much firmer.  There is a cloud deck moving in this DSC01464DSC01464evening that will hold what warmth was left over from the day.  I don’t expect it to be as cold in the AM., but expect firmness and a slow thaw once again if the Sun is obscured.  It was so clear this morning that it was breathtaking.  Here is a shot of the Great Salt Lake taken from the Peak on first Tram this morning.  It is unusual to get such a clear shot like this.  See you for the fun in the AM.  Peace Out!!   P. S. Sorry about the double image.   My bad!!

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