4-24-13 by dave

The cloud deck that moved in overnight moved off, leaving the sky clear and bright, but the air was still quite cold, though not nearly as cold as yesterday.   Mineral Basin offered a smoking job of Grooming on White Diamonds, that offered cold dry buffed corduroy that was as good as it gets.  I lapped that a few times, then DSC01467moved to the front of the hill, where Peruvian Gulch was prepared nicely after yesterday’s cold left enough residual cold in the snow to refresh the dance floor, so the ride was velvet smooth all the way to the skiers bridge.   The West side of the hill had not fared as well, and took until 2:00PM to break.  It remained unseasonably cold, still preserving the quality, however, the lower third of the hill did begin to soften up a bit, but no stickiness occurred.  NICE!!!  There will be a hard freeze again tonight, and the Groomers will still be holding the cold on the Northern exposures, and Mineral Basin still should have good quality, but most of the off trail is getting set up and is demanding.  I went out and about testing different off trail exposures just to see, and it has deteriorated quite a bit, but the High North still is dry and chalky, though the low amplitude rumble is in full effect.  My knees were just not up to it, so I went back to the smooth and sweet sorbet consistency.   It was a great day!!!  Gad Zoom will reopen for Saturday and Sunday, so the uphill choices will be much better.  Tomorrow, follow the Sun  to get the best quality, as it will pay big dividends all day long.  Here is a shot down range looking to the West with the Pfeifferhorn looking massive.  See you in the AM. for more spring excellence.  Ciao!!

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  1. Tom and Betty says:


    We are home and healthy.

    Thanks for the continuing dream. You are right – it’s always good, so look for it!

    We are in your field.

    Until next time.


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