4-19-13 by dave

It was significantly warmer this morning, but still very cold for this time of the year.  Overcast and snow was covering the hill as first Tram left the dock, and visibility was at a premium.  The Cat Crew did an incredible job of preparing the dance floor for the light turn out, and the big Groomers were mid winter perfect for ground pounding fun, despite the visibility.  Off trail was still offering a variety of consistency, depending on aspect, and the low amplitude rumble was wide spread, but not presenting any problems.  Coverage is great, and the Cirque Traverse is as good as it has been all season.  The Bog Smooth had, once again, been prepared, offering some spectacular big mountain feel, and I was just imagining myself out in the back country getting someDSC01457 wind slab perfection.  Perfect is perfect as I have continued to maintain all season, and today was no exception.  The Sun started peaking through the clouds after Noon,  and the ambient temps. on the lower mountain rose into the low 40’s, so the consistency began to become pasty only on the lower most elevations.  Tomorrow, look for some additional accumulation overnight, and more snow in the forecast for the day.  The visibility will, again, be an issue, but the widespread grooming effort makes the variations on the main runs negligible and good to go, just stretch out and trust the FORCE.  Off trail will still be worth exploring, but expect the rumble to be widespread after the traffic of the last few days.  The interference patterns are holding off for the most part, and you will have to look far and hard for any appreciable amplitude if you are into these features.  Here is a shot of Leopard Man, in full regalia, suited up and ready for the  First Tram of the day.  I was great to see him amped for the Spring extravaganza.  IBBY!!!

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