4-27-13 by dave


It did not freeze as hard as it has in recent days, so the break time was going off much earlier than anticipated.  The Groomers were offering the best early morning feel, but as soon as the off trail broke, it was workable and soft.  The High Pressure is firmly over the Inter Mountain Area, so we can expect another early break in the morning firmness.  It might be advantageous to move up your arrival time to get the best of the early thaw.  Still, following the Sun will be get the best results.   There was a return of the Sticky Factor today, especially on the lower elevations, so be sure to slow the roll when you hit the flat sections to avoid going over the handle bars.  Coverage is still holding up well all over the hill, and the High North is still holding the last vestiges of cold, so enjoy your favorite drops off the Upper Cirque.  Here is a shot of one of the Cat Mechanics, who was giving some TLC to one of the Kitties who needed his expertise.  He was a great guy and he, along with the entire Cat Crew, deserve a big thanks for giving us the BIG SMOOTH!!!  See you for first Boat of the day   Ciao!!  DSC01466

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