4-26-13 by dave


It was a bit warmer this morning, but still had a touch of nip for the morning crew.  Mineral Basin had been worked, and still held some of the cold, but the effects of yesterday’s warmth was telling.  I moved to the Peruvian Gulch, finding a still cold but firm feel, which had obviously felt the effects of the warm up as well.  The Grooming crew did a nice job of tenderizing the lines, but I headed quickly for the Forklift Restaurant to let warming occur during a breakfast repast.  Gad Valley was really tough sledding, with the freeze up not yielding until 1:00 PM, and it was just not recommended for the morning session.  There was plenty ofDSC01471 hill going off with the Sun warming the dance floor in order, so keeping in mind the aspects will pay dividends.  Tomorrow, expect another crispy start and a delayed start of your day won’t draw demerits, so let the Sun and warmth work it’s magic.  The temps, are expected to be significantly warmer, so the timing might be going off a bit earlier,  with Regulator going off last. The Gad Zoom Chair will be operating, so make a bee line to Mineral Basin to avoid the early morning gnar and take advantage of the goods in the back.  It will be a great Spring day, with plenty of coverage and no problems wall to wall.  Enjoy this late season bonanza, and I will see you Sunday.   Here is a shot of the Upper Cirque looking fat and still holding the cold.  Stay Frosty.

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