4-28-13 by dave

As anticipated, the freeze was light, and the thaw went off early.  Mineral Basin was offering sweet sorbet right out of the chute, and I lapped that goodness until the crowd showed up.   Peruvian Gulch had been groomed nicely,  with only a remnant of the cold in the snow, and a velvet feel all the way down to the bottom.  It was not going to last long as it was very balmy, letting me go with a light shell and sunglasses.  I have been waiting all season for the total top down experience, and here it was in all it’s dessert topping goodness.  Regulator was still hard as a rock after all the Sun it saw yesterday, but by Noon it was sweet corn carving top to bottom.  The lower third of the hill started getting a bit sticky, so you had to slow the roll on the flats so as not to get caught napping.  The High North has been compromised by the recent warmth, and no longer holds the cold of the past weeks, so you will have to wait for it to break before it gets good to go, but it surely will if you wait.  Mineral Basin became tooDSC01475 sticky and soft as the day progressed, so moving to the firmer aspects was the call.  Mark Malu was really the last to go off today, and riding the Little Cloud Chair was a bonus, keeping you up high and staying in the flow zone.  Tomorrow, look for another  warm one, with another rapid break, so get there early and follow the dial for the best of the day.  It goes fast, so get as much as possible as early as you can.   Here is a shot of the early signs of the BIG RETURN to the year long cycle, with these thin crystals struggling to move back into the liquid state.  Stay Frosty!!!

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