4-29-13 by dave

There was a brisk breeze blowing on the peak this morning, but Mineral Basin was already offering sweet corn goodness, with White Diamonds buffed top to bottom.  The flats were soft and sorbet sweet and it was not going to last long with the Sun blazing.   The Peruvian Gulch was just this side of ready, so I hit the Forklift Restaurant to let it hit the perfect zone, which it did as soon as I came out to get after it.  The Gad Valley was later thawing out, but Regulator was fully ready at Noon, with perfect carving top to bottom.  The Wilbre Chair is closed for the season, so there is no going to the bottom, but you have to lap back to the Tram.   They have also cut off the return from Who Dunnit, requiring some climbing back up to the Chips return as it is all closed off at the  Mountain Coaster.  Just a word to the wise.  I did not know this, so I had to do the climb.  Doh!!!   Tomorrow, look for an interesting morning, as some type of weather is moving in, though it does not appear to have much moisture, but there will be some variability in relation to a Sunny day like today, so the timing will be iffy.   Look for the Groomers to still be offering the best ride, and look for the tenderizing efforts for traction.  The hill is still has great coverage, though the off trail still is sporting the low amplitude rumble, and if it does not thaw, that will be a bumpy ride.  Here is a shot of the the Essence beginning the return, as these icicles stretch toward the Big Cycle.  IBBY!!DSC01478

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