5-12-12 by dave

It was perfect once again this morning as the overnight freeze solidified the pack.  Mineral Basin, once again, was ready to go as the First Tram let out, but White Diamonds was left off the groom list, but the prepared areas were carpet smooth and already had the soft going.  The traffic was light, but there were many more folks showing up as the morning progressed.   The front side began breaking at 10:30 AM, following the same timing as most of the mornings.  The added coolness extended the goodness a bit longer before the sticky factor kicked in.   The cover is still holding on, though there is an area on Bass Highway where we may have to walk tomorrow, but it will be short, and I am betting the Grooming Crew has a stash of extra product to push over the section, but it still will be short lived.   Tomorrow, expect another excellent morning session, with back to back chairs on the back side, but the Tram runs on a 20 minute schedule, so unless you push the diamond plate hard you will miss the lap.    Off trail still has quite a bit of rumble, and only gets good when things get very soft, but the goods are really on the Groomers, where the corn stays velvet smooth and sumptuous.   Tomorrow will be the last of the season, so get up there for the festivities.  See you there for the early runs.  I was honored to meet the Powder Mafia today and I got to get this shot with them.  They all read the Blog and were stoked about the conditions today.  They rocked it!!!    Peace out!!

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