5-13-12 by dave

It was another very nice morning with a quiet crew on the ride up.  Again, Mineral Basin was so perfect, with White Diamonds rebuffed and offering perfect turns all the way down.   The front side was crispy, but the tenderizing was good enough to keep an edge.  The rest of the day went off like clock work, with a huge crowd showing up later in the day, dressed in costumes, bikinis, and all sorts of flair to celebrate the day.   The upper elevations held the quality all day, with the lower elevations sticky and very slow.  The Skimming Pond was going off with a huge group of folks encouraging the sliders as they crossed the span.  Such fun indeed.    This has been a great seasons despite the snow fall, with some very memorable days and times on the hill.  The BIG CYCLE returns the snow pack to the liquid and gaseous state, which it must do in order for it to return to us in it’s time.  We too will move into the cycle, which will once again bring us back again to be on deck for the next accumulation season.  I have spent the past few afternoons getting the Trailer ready to head up to the High Desert, where I am going to following all the rabbit hole entrances I uncovered during the season, but could not pursue.  I have had great time this season, and am looking forward to the next one as it will be here shortly.  Thanks to all of you for reading my posts, it has been exciting meeting all the folks who read the posts.  I will be posting now and again all Summer long, with some updates and shots of the hill in the Summer coat, so stay tuned for that.  Have a great Summer and I will see you on First Tram.  IBBY!!!

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  1. Creo says:

    Thanks Dave… Great days indeed. A Miracle every day!
    I’ll miss the syllubrious prose and the dependable soulful daily dose.
    It’s part of my lil’ balancing act enjoying life at 11,000 feet vicariously whilst toiling in the valley. More pretty days up canyon each time I amble up. Allons-y and Happy trails!…
    “I’ll be Feeping you “. -Rex Trailer

  2. Bo says:

    Yes, Thanks Dave. Your daily ski blog of the happenings and goods has been a great read since I discovered it last year. Your expressive “mountain” prose is a treat to read and especially understand. With some mtn knowledge and a few expperiences at Snowbird under the belt anyone can make that connection with your blog. My experience shows that it is first, truthful — most Important! …and also very descriptive and on the mark!

    Still haven’t figured out what IBBY means tho. lol
    Have a great summer!

  3. Lisa Lewis says:

    I will miss our daily “one way” communication throughout the ski season. Thank you for allowing us to live vicariously through you and dream of the hill when we are not in attendance. This was our best ski season ever, even with half the snow of last year. It was officially my first full year Snowbird season pass and 70 plus days of the hill. Although some days were “interesting” you always found the positive aspects and tell it like it is. This is a sad time but also a favorite with the long days. Just think, in a little over a month, the sun will start retreating again preparing us for next season. If you come East our door is always open. Stay cool!

  4. dave says:

    Thanks for the Props, I had a lot of fun writing the blog, it gave me a deeper understanding of the MEANING. IBBY stands for “I’ll Be Blasting You” , as in Blasting Off for the cosmic realm where I spend a lot of time, and it is a reference to a childhood cartoon show host’ sign off slogan. Some folks of my generation have picked up on that, but they had to come from the Boston area, as that was very local then. Thanks for reading and look for my E Book which will be coming out in August or September. It will be about the secrets of Snowbird, without giving away the secrets. You, as you articulated, have found the secrets hidden between the lines, so this will be a primer so to speak. I am having a blast writing is and it should be fun to read. It will have many of my Man On The Street photos and Snowbird shots to illustrate the concepts. Thanks again, and keep checking back now and again, as I will be posting from time to time. Peace Out.

  5. NIFF says:

    Hey Dave mucho gracias for giving me a daily insight into The Bird World & keeping me pumped for my next visit to that beloved realm. I look forward to your E book. Enjoy your summer !

  6. turnin pete says:

    Thanks for the flashback: Major Mud at the end of every show:” I’ll be blasting you” And me, well I grew up and henceforth majored in The Three Stooges at college.

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