6-03-12 by dave

Well, we are well into the long cycle as the melt off continues on the high elevations.  There is still quite a bit of cover in the higher elevations which is still making it’s way back into the flow.   I have the Trailer set up in the High Desert, where the night sky is alive with phenomena, especially through night vision goggles.  The  newly modified antenna array is working very well, with some serious down loads coming down the line regularly.  Just as I anticipated, and I’m not afraid to get the direct info.    On the ski front; I have completed writing my book  Snowbird Secrets    A Guide to Big Mountain Skiing.   It has been a lot of fun working out the details and going over the material, getting all the photos to illustrate the narrative put together.   It should be in the can shortly, as the Editor has it now to clean up any straggling syntax issues.   The initial feedback is very encouraging, so I feel confident that we will be breaking interesting thresholds.  Stay tuned for updates as I get the cosmic details, I will pass them along.   BE well,  IBBY!!!

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  1. Fosheezy5 says:

    Read an article about your book today. Cant wait till it comes out! Hopefuly I will be able to make it back out to Snowbird next year. Until then I will be reading your blog and book

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