8-18-12 by dave

Well, it has been a long Summer where I spent the time visiting the far reaches of the ANDROMEDA GALAXY getting schooled  on the shifting energies coming from the Galactic Core.   I am now back up in the high desert making repairs on the the


antenna array and getting ready to get back to the Wasatch.  Great progress is being made on the new Little Cloud high speed quad, with all the towers in place and the top and bottom stations getting set in place.  This dry stretch has given the crews a lot of favorable weather to get things put together in time for the snow fall.  The CHEF shared some great shots of his hikes up the hill.  Here is one of Great Scott showing it’s verdant coat before the colors begin to change.  It is amazing to see what we really glide over during the season, with sections that just seem insane during the Summer, but offer the goods when filled with the Essence.   My book  SNOWBIRD SECRETS A GUIDE TO BIG MOUNTAIN SKIING  is now ready to go and will be released very soon.  It will be available on all E BOOK outlets and Hard Copy at Amazon, as well as Hard Copy here on the site and at Snowbird.   I am still trying to get placement venues, so I’ll keep the details coming.  There are some favorable long range weather projections, so I am keeping a positive vision for the season.   Hope everyone had a safe and fun off season.  See you soon.  Ta for now!

2 Responses to “TURNING COLORS”

  1. M.J. says:

    Welcome back! Flowers have turned, colors are starting. It wont be long now… Looking for fun,Pow-Pow or not.Thanks snow crew for saving last year. M.J.

  2. NIFF says:

    Hi Dave. Hey I want to get 2 copies of your book for Xmas. Is there any way I can reserve them ? It sounds so good I’m worried it may sell out.

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