5-11-12 by dave

There was a high cloud cover this morning as the first Tram hit the dock.   Though it was 40 Degrees on the peak it seemed colder, and a wind was blowing lightly, making it feel that much colder.  Of course I dressed for how I wanted it to be and was caught short once again.   Brrrr!    Mineral Basin offered White Diamonds, once again having been treated to the skilled hands of the Grooming Crew, who left that shot so smooth top to bottom.  The quality of the crystalline corn was as good as it gets with no exaggeration.  Rounding out with speed at the bottom was buttery smooth.   Lapped that line for the first hour to get as much of that rarity as possible.  The front of the hill held of till 10:30 AM, when the magic time happens, when it is corn goodness smooth top to bottom.   Regulator did not break until 11:30 AM, with some beautiful corn crystals cascading below your edge set.  Nice!   Another shout out to the Cat Crew for Mark Malu, which is just so nice when it gets the break.   Tomorrow, look for another excellent morning.  An early start has not yet been disappointing, but that 10:00 Am window is the start on the front side.  Good cover remains to the bottom, but the Gad Valley below the Little Cloud chair is now designated as Back Country, with no markings  and unexpected melt off sections.  There should be no problem getting to the Plaza from both sides of the hill, but the Bass Highway has very sticky conditions late in the day, so expect some slogging.  See you in the AM!     IBBY!!

4 Responses to “COOLER MORNING”

  1. Lisa Lewis says:

    I am sure you will not be taking Saturday off this weekend. Enjoy your last two days!

  2. dave says:

    You know I am there. I would not miss this perfect corn cycle. Some of the best corn skiing in years, really. It makes up for all the days of no powder, cuz this is a good as powder any day of the week.

  3. Dan says:

    Just wanted to comment that I caught your mustache the other day as you were happily relaying the mountain conditions to a group that were in search of the “white diamonds”. I can’t imagine how often you’re stopped each day, let alone the time spent maintaining this blog; so since the end of the season has arrived, I thought now would be a good time to thank you for your daily, highly educated mountain observations. So…thank you Dave for the constantly invaluable advice, and keep it goin!!
    BTW – What is the meaning of IBBY!!

  4. Tom and Betty says:

    IBBY – I Be Blowin’ by You

    Right from the Guru’s mouth long ago.

    And we add our thanks to Dave’s long slog every day on the blog.

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