5-10-12 by dave

It was another perfect Spring morning, with Mineral Basin offering unreal perfection, with the  big steep White Diamonds buffed, it offered the back country feel of a hiked for aspect.   The front side of the hill held off until 10:30 AM before breaking and was another top to bottom corn festival.   The snow quality has taken on a well defined granularity that skied as well as any other shade of perfection, any time of year. Plus, there was the added bonus of warm air.  It was like getting perfect waves in warm water.   MMMMM Goood!!!    The rest of the day did not disappoint, with the Little Cloud area going off, followed by Regulator, making the upper laps the place to stay to avoid the stickiness down low.   Sticky it was down on the lower mountain, but the upper shots made up for the slogg.  Tomorrow, look for another great snow sport sliding extravaganza.  There is still plenty of snow down low to get you to the Plaza, but too far off the prepared runs will get you into the melt off.  You can easily see the patterns, so no worries, but expect melt off hazards was we go into these last days.   Here is a shot of the LCC  South Gate shining in the Sun.  I love this time of year when the light falls on this section of the Canyon wall.   IBBY!!

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