5-09-12 by dave

With 40 degrees on the peak, the morning offered some of the best corn conditions of the year.   Corn is rare really, taken for granted in the shadow of Powder, but it really has all the elements that make it another kind of perfect that only lasts for short windows of time in the year, and in the day.   After the corn goes past prime it becomes glop, but while it is in the sorbet zone there is nothing better.   It has that velvet smooth quality that supports any kind of edge angle you throw at it and saying ” Oh Yeah!!! White Diamonds was buffed again for the early risers, offering back country smoothness that just takes me back to the days when working these lines was a dream.   Slowing down to get more of each rare turn, gave you all the juice the mountain could return back in each release of the turn.   Tomorrow, look for another nice morning, with the early lines still offering the goods from the first bell.   Tenderizing efforts make the front side a fair call in case you wanted to work the front.   At 10:30 AM. the front began to break, with the Peruvian side just smooth and inviting as the softness filled in.  Last to go off was Regulator, where it too offered perfect corn till the closing bell, with the upper elevations holding off the sticky factor that the lowest elevations presented after 1:00 PM.  Cover is still holding up, and the grooming crew has done a great job keeping the runs smooth and cookie free.  There were only occasional roller balls that had rolled down from above, so keep your eyes on the hill for slight avoidance moves.   Here is a shot of Regulator looking smooth at 1:30 PM, still holding the perfection.   Sooo Goood!!    Ciao!!

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  1. JIM F says:

    Don’t get to Snowbird too often, in fact this was my only day there this season. I met you briefly when a mutual friend introduced us. She said you were the Guru & did this daily report. Well, now I found it! Nice work, look forward to your book.

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