5-08-12 by dave

It was 33 degrees on the peak this morning, with a very light breeze.  The front of the hill was frozen solid, but tenderizing had been done, so it was approachable though dark in the early morning.  Elizabeth Taylor would have been proud as they buffed White Diamonds and we worked a deep carpet of white diamonds of corn goodness all the way down to the bottom.   There were very few takers for the early hours, so back to back rippers were fun, taking advantage of the perfect corn.  This quality was every bit a good as any Powder Day, as it was smooth, consistent, seemingly slow motion, and really is like what you would find had you hiked for it.   The front of the hill broke about 10:30 AM. working it’s way up the hill.  An eye toward aspect caught you some yummy lines that were full throttle smooth, and all the fast movers were taking advantage of the smooth high speed lines before the sticky sections developed. Tomorrow, look for another good morning to be early, but if you want the front side wait a bit.  Mineral Basin has good lines early, and the low traffic makes the hill seem all to yourself.   The off trail is smoothing out in the high North sections, but the other aspects are heavily Sun cupped, making them approachable only after serious softening.   The Grooming Crew did a nice job healing up the Goblin Gully section, covering the gnar with a solid layer, but later in the day the traffic does begin to find the underlying stuff, so go in there with caution.   Mark Malu was fully down hill perfect, letting you pull out all the stops, getting to high mark the bowl coming out.   That was fun indeed.  Here is a shot of Great Scott from the Cirque Traverse, as I did a recon run to see how it was out there.   Don’t go…. ’nuff said.   IBBY!!

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