5-19-17 by dave

Spring frosting fell on the hill last Wednesday, and the cold overcast days that followed preserved the quality of the freshness.  There was a fair push for the goods this morning, but there was plenty of room for all with Mineral Basin and the Peruvian Chair working the crowd up the hill. Here is a great shot of Mineral Basin that my friend Robert sent from this morning’s offering.  Cold held on all day long, but those  Short glimpses of Sun were sure to affect those direct aspects.  The hill is in great shape this late in the Season and this weekend will be great with Winter quality snow.  Tomorrow, look for the left over lines that may be still about, even after today’s traffic.  The Groomers should be offering Winter cold dry carpets of corduroy.  The hill opens at 8AM,  but I will be rolling in at the usual time none the less.  I will be looking for those High North aspects for the softest unaffected lines and I will be looking for those little hidden shots that often get ignored.  See you there for the festivities.  Speed Safely!!

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