5-20-17 by dave

It was a super blue bird morning, with ultra blue skies and cool temps. to start out the day.  There were a lot of folks already on the hill when I made the 9 AM Tram, as the lifts opened at 8AM.  With the cold temps., Mineral Basin was the first to offer the goods, and things were just starting to break at 9 AM when I first hit it.  Here is a shot of White Diamonds looking smoothand fast, as indeed it was.  Lower Silver Dipper was just hitting the sorbet stage early on and the Sun was working the hill rapidly.  You can get a sense of the ultra blue color of the sky here as well.  On the front of the hill, extensive industrial smoothing had been performed, and it was good to got top to bottom, with a corn feel that was just a delight.  The Gad side of the hill was going to take a while to break.  Down on the Plaza, there was a huge gathering of the Jortski vibration that was just what a day like today was made for. Here is a shot of the fun group.  They were all having such a great time, and it was only going to become more so when they took to the hill.  The temps. had risen markedly when they made their first Tram, so it was perfect. Here is a classic shot of Lexi sporting the Blue Tram jorts as only she can.  Tomorrow, look for more great Spring conditions, with Mineral Basin offering the first softening of the day.  I will be rolling in again for the 9AM slot, just to keep it real. Look for great Grooming on all sided of the hill, but the off trail is a fair bit tricky after all the temperature variations of the past  couple of days.  There is plenty of snow top to bottom, with no issues with rocks, with the exception of a few pebbles here and there in the Cat Track.  See you there for the Spring fun.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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