11-08-10 by dave

Well, I did not want to jinx the pattern, so I have remained silent about the major cycle that is now pounding the Trailer and the hill with heavy precip.  It seems, that whenever there is a big build up for a storm it usually backs off, splits, or is just plain disappointing.  The last weather effort was evidence of that very situation and did not deliver as advertised.  I don’t know why that seems to be the case, though I have my theories.  In the last while I have been engaged in major battles in the ongoing DARK MATTER WARS, that are dangerously close to the Planet, so my full attention has been focused on the continued Victories on a daily basis. As the WHITE ESSENCE pushes closer to manifesting the DARK SIDE  pushes harder to thwart any last minute incursions of the dreaded DARK MATTER.  Rest assured that the SUN FIGHTERS stand ready to hold off any direct Planetary hits, but oft times it is much too close for my liking!!!  One errant hit of DARK MATTER anywhere on Planet would be cataclysmic, but that is what keeps vigilance so imperative.  I took a trip up the Canyon to scope out the situation and get a first hand look at the cover.  The lower mountain had backed off quite a bit, but the cover above 9000′ was still wall to wall, so this new installment could, very possibly, put us over the minimum.   My good friend Kazoodi skinned up ALTA and gave it a thumbs up, saying that the cover was excellent, and he did not hit anything all the way to the bottom.  After a week of high temps, that was good news indeed.  The snow making efforts were still evident with large piles of man made are ready to be pushed into place.  I will be posting daily now to keep you informed of the progress and excitement as we hurtle toward the FUN ZONE.   BOW WOW WOW !!!

PS:  I was just reminded by THE CHEF, who says;  ” Never hurry the sauce, let it thicken then enjoy” .   True words to be guided by to be sure!!

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