11-02-10 by dave


Well, we got such a great shot last week, with lots of folks getting after it and skiing ALTA and parts of THE BIRD, that the forecast of another storm moving in for last weekend really got me excited.   Saturday night the rain was pelting the trailer with sometimes thunderous pulses, that I thought that the hill would be getting slammed with another dose of the goods.   I drove up on Sunday to see what was up only to find that no real accumulation had occurred.  Denied!!  The forecast is for pleasant days for the next while, so no sense fretting as the prognosticating turtle, a little critter that has been right about the season based on it’s eating habits, has indicated that the first part of the season will be wetter than usual.  With that, there seems to be indications that this High Pressure will give way for the beginning of next week, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  I have spoken to two friends, who have skied from the top of Baldy and said how nice the snow had been.  For myself, it is a tad too early to venture out with a minimal coating , but these reports bode well for the snow pack to come.  It wont be long now before I am firmly released from the DARK SIDE and can begin the season in earnest.  I’ll be keeping you posted as things develop,  so stay tuned.   IBBY!!!

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  1. wepp says:

    Davo, good to see you are still alive and well and are escaping the submissions of the “Dark Side”. Will be seeing you soon, Wepp

  2. Hey Dave I have a great site for you. Loved “Fractal Time” ! I am preparing for the transition.

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