10-27-10 by dave


I awoke dark and early this morning to find 6” of lake effect snow on the trailer. I ambled out to knock the accumulation off the various antenna and dishes to be sure that I would not get artifacts in the signal, you know how pesky those pixilated signals can be.  The snow showers were backing off as the Sun rose up higher in the sky and the Valley was covered in a new blanket of snow, wall to wall.  What a sight indeed.   Around Noon, I drove up the Canyon to get another first hand look at the freshness to find 18” of new had fallen, and there were lines up in Great Scott.  Here is a shot of the Peruvian side from the Heliport, and if you ZOOM in you can probably made out the tracks.   Also notice the snow making efforts are in full effect. I got it on good authority that there was a solid 36” of new since the cycle began with Alta reporting 44”, so that assessment is not a stretch.  It was a beautiful sight, just fresh and clean with just a few tracks venturing down Lower Primrose.   Formidable, what with the slope features.  More snow is on the way for this week end, so keep your fingers crossed for another dump, which could really kick things into gear.  I remember many years ago, during some pre season boot packing sessions,  wallowing in waist deep snow well before Halloween, and getting an early opening.   Yeah,  I could go for that, how about you?   Peace Out.

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