10-26-10 by dave

Lake effect impulses continued to move across the Valley all day Tuesday, making their way up the Canyon.  There seemed to be a foot at the bottom of  the hill with 10” still piled up on the picnic tables on the Plaza.  This is a shot of the accumulation, with Baldy in the background sporting a full covering of the first real installment.  Snow making was   in progress  with the mid day temp still cold enough to keep them turning out the base support. As the Sun sets unsettled impulses still drift by, so more could be coming.  Another storm is predicted for this week end, which will hopefully add to this beginning dump and get the ball really rolling.   It was great seeing the coverage,  the snow making efforts, an good friends getting their new skis from the shop in anticipation of a great season.  Come to think of it, I need to get my sticks waxed up!!! Yeah, that’s the ticket!!!  Ciao!!

A heapin' helpin'

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