11-09-10 by dave

I did a HAPPY DANCE today as I was finally delivered back from my sojourn against the DARK MATTER .  I drove up to find solid foot of fresh snow on the hill.  It seems like we could get some more tomorrow, so I will be holding a confident vision for it.  The Big Waves of the ski world can and do break here, so anything CAN happen.   I am excited to be back ,though it will take some getting used to after the last months.  There were no signals about any opening plans, except the published estimate.  It  looks good to me from the plaza, though the lower mountain is still very thin, and the off trail could be problematic without significantly more snow.  If you  are going hiking, be aware of the marginal snow pack and the real terrain features that lay in wait.  The big grassy spots will be good to go. Keep an eye on  the storm as it moves in!! I’ll let you know!

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