11-10-10 by dave

I took a ride up to the Bird today, with THE CHEF, to put the finishing touches on the lockers before opening day.  I was talking to the beautiful Crystal Waters, who told me  that she had heard the opener had been moved up to this coming Saturday.  Now,  I had to get  an official confirmation of this juicy piece of inside info, so I went in search of an official source, which I found in the person of Jared the marketing guy, who confirmed the news.  Yeah baby!!!.  I am so stoked.  The Tram, Zoom, and Chickadee will be open, with the Gad side open.  The cover seems fully adequate, and what with the full on snow making efforts continuing with the cold temps,  good cover will be happening on those usually thin sections.  This is great news for me, as I did not want to have to wait another week for an opener.   I can now begin getting dialed in for the season.  It is still snowing lightly here at the trialer, so perhaps a bit more natural fluff will be added to the pack.   Stay tuned!!!   IBBY!

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