2-21-14 by dave

While the Bird only reported 1” of overnight accumulation there was much more than that on many exposures.  Mineral Basin was illuminated by bright Sun and the light density goodness was a real treat for everyone who was on deck for the day.  Some aspects had been stripped off by the wind, so looking around for the nice wind deposits rewarded the seeker with very nice sliding indeed.  Here is a shot of a big release triggered during control work that testifies to the still volatile snow pack.  While I was taking the time to take the shot over at the top of Gad 2 the patrol opened the traverse to the Exotic Trees after having been closed for over 10 days.  The wind and recent accumulation left these areas smooth and deep.  Since we were the very first to be there for the drop, there was no pressure at all and we got the chance to take our time and relish this Universal Gift. There we found totally bottomless and knee deep perfection. Here is a shot that Mr Scott took of our first pitch.  Soooo deep!!-38  I went back a bit later, but it had been worked over quickly.  Tomorrow, look for more unreal corduroy for the morning session, nice soft off trail sections, and over all smooth lines.   The interference patterns are still slow to re build, so take advantage of some of the rare lines while they last.  The temps should be a bit warmer tomorrow, but those early morning runs have been feeling a bit brisk.  Dress for the morning cold.  I will see you Sunday.  Peace Out!!DSC01853

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  1. Curtis Kreutzberg says:

    So Gu, that run in to TT was spectacular,even on my race skis.

  2. Curtis Kreutzberg says:

    But in the day we always skied on race skis

  3. Curtis Kreutzberg says:

    Well after you gave up on your K2 threes. haha

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