2-20-14 by dave

The Blue Bird day I was anticipating did not materialize, leaving us with a partly sunny day instead.  Yesterday’s accumulation set up with the cold overnight temps, and it was then covered by a few inches of light density Essence.  I had anticipated a smooth ride, but that underlying crust made paying attention a must.  The West facing aspects, as well as some of the South faces, were the favored lines that seemed to hold the most depth.  The interference patterns are still resisting reemergence, but they are beginning to show hints of building up again.  Visibility went in and out throughout the day and it felt good to see the Sun after a long stretch of weather.  I went to the far reaches to see how the far West facing was holding up when I stopped to take this shot from the Beach looking down the Canyon.  You have to get to this place on the hill to see that profile of the lower Canyon.  Makes one take stock of how much time has passed to get us to this point of NOW.  And to think it was full to the brim with Glacial Ice at one point in the not too distant past.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the magic carpet ride as the new product gets worked into the mat.  All aspects are still quite full and are holding the smooth for the most part.  There could be a few inches of accumulation overnight, so we may have some fresh fluff for the morning session.  See you there for the morning fun.  IBBY!!DSC01847

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