2-19-14 by dave

At 8:00AM the promised front had still not  made itself known, but as the first Tram left the dock the Wall of Voodoo was moving over the hill.  With the last minutes of visibility, the crew was able to get a long look at Lewis and Clark.   When the Front hit with full force, the wind went crazy making the peak absolutely wild with wind and snow.  The trees were the place to be as they offered the only reflected light and needed reference points.  All the aspects that had smoothed off offered the same consistent ride as yesterday, taking much of the guess work out of the chosen lines.  It is much tougher to deal with invisible bumps when navigating Zero Vis, and knowing the mat was smooth on a foundational level was reassuring.  The precipitation rate was formidable and the product began to build up with medium density goodness.  The loose snow also began to be transported by the wind, and those capturing wind lines were getting deeper with every run.  Other aspects were not holding the snow, but that was the fun of driving around looking for the gems.  Tomorrow, look for the residual snow fall of the late afternoon to be fresh for the morning runs, Mineral Basin to open after it closed early due to the heavy accumulation, and some Sunshine to illuminate the dance floor.  There is a lot of great terrain ready to be tapped, it is just a matter of what line you want to hit.  You can be confident that  you will find some great sliding.  Here is a shot of Fields of Glory taken from the top by my friend Neil from yesterday’s wind extravaganza.  Now that is smooth!!!   Stay Frosty!!-36

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