2-18-14 by dave

It was a beautiful sunny morning, with cool temps and light winds.  Overnight wind had worked the hill with a final smoothing.  The Groomers were extra special buffed and I made the transition from untracked corduroy to untracked wind buffed.  All the wind changes from the last few days left long wind lines on all aspects of the hill, which includes some of the most out of the way sections.  The interference patterns that where ubiquitous just last week are residing underneath the transported layer and are not redeveloping yet.  All wind lines held up all day long as the traffic was fairly light, so only the most obvious lines were getting attention.  The Grooming Crew has punched out a couple new delights that have not been worked this season, and these lines were offering steep smooth vertical with absolutely no crust or variation.  What a treat.  The Cirque Traverse is in much better shape after all the additional accumulation, but the high ridge line along the edge has been stripped off, which makes getting up close tricky.  Tomorrow, look for all those big smooth wind lines to still be holding up, the groomers to be rocking and buffed, and more snow to move in during the morning hours.  I think I can safely deem the hill now Fully Fat.  With the exception of a couple of entrances, what ever line you have in mind will be good to go.  This overall smoothness is a very rare condition to have on the hill.  I remember having favored aspects, but to have these wind buffed lines all around the dial is exceptional.  Here is a shot of the quintessential Pipeline looking fully fat.  More goodness is on the way, be ready to dance!!IBBY!!DSC01845

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