2-17-14 by dave

The first Tram went up at 8:45 AM this morning  as there was sun and wind to greet the folks who were on hand for the early start.   Mineral Basin was open from the start, and after yesterday’s high North West winds  I was looking to the South for the transported snow to be offering some nice lines, and I was not disappointed as I found them loaded with delicious.  While trying to get to all the exposures that I thought might still be holding the goods, I noticed that all the accumulation the South wind had placed early yesterday had been stripped off by the high North winds leaving those High North entrances, once again, dodgy to say the least.  As the South wind continued transporting the goods, those favored aspects kept filling in every run.  Chasing the wind lines was the call for today, as well as staying one step ahead of the holiday crowd.  There were surprise openings of long closed areas that were a bonus if you happened to see the open gate.  Here is a shot of the last few turns I got out in the far reaches where the Essence was spectacular.  Tomorrow, look for the Grooming to be perfect as the new product gets worked into the mat,  the deep guts to still be holding some of that sugar frosting, and continued good visibility.  The traffic should be a bit more relaxed, and maximum vertical should be easy to accumulate.  Check those entrances again to see how they are shaking out now, but I am expecting them to still be touchy.  It is hard to believe they were fat yesterday, and now they are scoured out.  The wind giveth and the wind taketh away.  See you there for the early session.  Peace Out!!DSC01842

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  1. JoeMan says:

    Great Scott and the Fox were better than good to go from the get go, Goo. 🙂

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