2-22-14 by dave

The Northerly Flow was still scraping the peaks this morning as the clouds hung low on the peaks.  The wind was working the aspects as the day progressed.  The Groomers were providing that smooth consistency as the new product keeps getting worked into the mat.  Interference patterns are slowly returning to the high traffic areas, but there are still lots of lines that are resisting the build up.  Off trail, the soft lines are still holding up and are only getting harbor chopped on the aspects that saw those direct glimpses of the Sun.  The Sun has not made much of an impact recently, but I did notice some deterioration on some of those direct aspects.DSC01861 As the Sun moves higher in the sky, paying attention to the aspect will become more important.  Up until recently that was not as much of a consideration.  Tomorrow, look for some light overnight accumulation, clouds still holding the peak in the AM,  and, hopefully, some clearing skies.   The hill is in great shape and the morning Groomers should guarantee untracked corduroy.  Here is a shot of the ultimate perfection that we passed on the traverse to more of the ultimate perfection.  See you there for another day of mid winter snow sport sliding.  IBBY!!

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  1. Martin Weinapple says:

    Dave, are your comments only pertinent for the beginner’s slopes, or do you venture the the steeper stuff now?

  2. Martin Weinapple says:


  3. Martin Weinapple says:

    Did my comment get there?

  4. dave says:

    Hi Martin. My comments are global and pertain to all aspects on the hill. As you know, I tend to go after what I see as perfect on any given day. Some times I find perfection on low angle aspects and when the big steep drops are pumping, well then so am I. Just last week I hit those perfect wind loaded Upper Cirque shots all day long. The thing about our beloved hill is that it always offers something of note and lines of awesomenicity!!! Hope to see you soon on the hill. I hope you are well, and yes your comments got through. Speed safely.

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