2-23-14 by dave

The Sun returned in full force today, with a Blue Bird morning that offered unreal Groomers, wind loaded and smoothed  lines on the off trail, and fairly low traffic for a weekend.   I worked the Mineral Basin corduroy, getting that untracked nap that felt velvet smooth and carvelicious on every line I chose.  Off trail, those wind loaded lines kept the interference patterns at bay and provided a beautifully consistent ride on all the lines I chose.  There was a bit of punchiness on some of the slab, but a light touch kept you on top of the crust.  If you were heavy on your turn you were going through and that made the turning a bit tricky.  With the light wind, as the traffic worked the hill, the surface did not self repair like in past days, but there were plenty of lines to mine all over the hill.  Tomorrow, look for another day of awesome Groomers as the snow quality responds nicely to the massage of the machine.  There will still be those wind lines that did not get too worked offering the continued smooth feel.  Out on the long traverses you can expect some good cover with the exception of the chronic spots that get scraped off no matter how much snow we get.  Also be aware on those long mid mountain traverses, where traffic from above is dialing in those steep lines, that this cross traffic must be anticipated as you move along the traverses.  Here is a shot of the Red Lens Line as we made our way to the goods the other day. There were just these lonely tracks leading to Heaven and a very peaceful place.  -37   A big shout out to the New Hampshire Ski Club who just arrived for a stay on the hill.  I know they are going to have a great time.  Another shout out to Manic Greg who was working the hill in full effect the other day and ripping it.  Rock on Greg!!   Stay Frosty.

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  1. Greg Neilsen says:

    Cheers Dave. Great to meet you.

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