2-16-17 by dave

It was clear, sunny, and quite breezy, as a stout South wind began blowing out ahead of a series of storms setting up to move through during the coming weekend.  The clouds held off until after Noon, when high clouds began to move in and filter the bright Sun that had lit the entire morning session.  The Groomers were offering the goods on all sides of the hill, but Regulator was a bit firm after getting hit by those direct Sun rays yesterday afternoon.  On the front of the hill, the cold dry chalk was still holding strong, resisting any damage by the traffic of the day.  Shaving un tracked corduroy was a real treat, as no one seems to seek out those perfect lines, so it was left to the Morning Crew to work those lines close to the margins.   Here is a shot of El Presidente, who was enjoying the great ambience on the peak.  He was working the same rare lines as I was and was throwing down some serious turns on the steep chalky pitches.  The wind really picked up later in the day, which left only laps through Mineral Basin to get back to the top, where the gusts were 70+ MPH.  That wind was really beginning to move the product around, making those High North and Northeast aspects fill in with sugary consistency.   Tomorrow, look for overcast skies, wind lines on the High North, and maybe a touch of new product as the storm moves in. Dress for storm riding as the temps. will be significantly colder than these last few days.  The hill is in great shape, however, the off trail is still sporting some stout rumble, with some interference patterns built up in the very high traffic areas. Stick with the known smooth lines for the best ride in the marginal visibility.  IBBY!!

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