2-15-17 by dave

It was a simply sizzling day, with amazing groomers on all sides of the hill offering up that ground pounding fun.  The White Diamonds – Lower Silver Dipper combination was smooth dry chalk top to bottom, even after the Sun kissed it yesterday.  There is still enough cold in the snow to keep the carpet fresh and fun.  On the front of the hill, dry chalky lines were still holding up, and a fresh treatment of Lower Chips Face and Lower Lower were back country perfect and steep, steep, steep.  The day warmed up, giving Regulator Johnson some real Spring like corn goodness that kept me lapping that line to get as much of that sorbet feel as I could get.  I met Neil from OZZY and Kiwi Jenny from NZ on the plaza on my way to the Forklift.  I ran into them later on the peak, so I took this great shot of them in front of The Twins. They were having a great time hitting the big smooth buff that I had told them about.  It was really beautiful on the peak and the temps. were balmy, but the front of the hill was holding up the quality all day.  Only those very direct aspects were taking a hit from the Sun. The outdoor patio of The Summit was getting a lot of traffic, so I took this shot of some folks enjoying the great weather  and sipping some suds.  Tomorrow, look for more great Groomers to be on tap, with some of those High North aspects offering some smooth sugar as the pitches get worked.  Most of the off trail is very stiff right now and the rumble is formidable.  Look for those smooth wind lines and fresh corduroy carpets for the best of the morning session.  Traffic is very  light on the hill, so maximum vertical is easy to rack up.  Stay Frosty!!

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