2-17-17 by dave

The brief morning Sun gave way to clouds moving in fast out of the South.  The stout wind was still transporting the snow to the High North, and the wind lines were really special with a sugary consistency that made them feel delicious.  I was woefully under dressed for the cold peak temp. and biting wind, but I did take the time to get this shot of the clouds moving in.  With the arrival of the clouds, the visibility began to vary greatly, with very flat light obscuring the details.  I was just going with all the lines that I had worked yesterday, but added the Lower Primrose Path line that had got a fresh till top to bottom.  That un tracked corduroy was delightful and very consistent, making any visibility issues irrelevant.  With all the warm afternoon temps. recently, the West and South facing aspect were particularly crispy, but there were many great options to ply, with that transported snow covering the mat with dry dust.  Traffic on the hill was high, but the lift lines were vacant and max vertical was easy to pile up.  Tomorrow, look for snow to have fallen overnight with continued snow during the day.  I am hoping for some medium density to cushion the old layer.  That is what was offered up during the last installment, so I feel confident that the conditions will be great for the Holiday weekend.  Look to the High North for the best underlying pack, and expect those South and West aspects to be a touch interesting.  I will be taking the day off  to rest up for the coming week.  Stay Frosty!!

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