2-18-17 by dave

The rain pattered on the skin of The Trailer for most of the night signaling an overnight installment up on the hill.  The 7” of reported accumulation seemed deeper in places as the  wind swirled on the hill.  The faithful were on hand early, with lots of folks following up all morning long.  Those smooth lines were offering the best ride, with lots of options to choose from.  Those off trail sections that were sporting the sharp rumble were still reflecting through the freshness.  Visibility was variable all day long, but there were some bright spots from time to time, with some flurries moving through later in the afternoon.   Here is a shot I took of the fresh flowers that Julia brought to the Forklift.  The flash really made it pop with color on a gray day.Tomorrow, look for a skiff off accumulation overnight, with more accumulation during the day.  The Groomers will be offering dialable goodness that will let  you lay it over like Ligety!!  The off trail will be improving as the traffic works the product into the pack.  Look for those smooth lines that were operative this week for the best ride.  I am still going to be leery of those South and West aspects due to the crusty nature that was living there recently.  Mineral Basin will be the place to start if the crowd pushes the base early.  Of course visibility will be an issue, so factor that into your line choice.  See you there for the fresh cover in the AM.  Peace Out!

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