2-19-17 by dave

There was an early and big push for the goods this morning, but the entire mountain was open for the opening bell.  Though I was on the 3 rd Tram, I was able to get a very nice line by going for the smooth sections I have been working all week.  Medium density Essence coated the surface, which went a long way toward mitigating the rumble that was widespread, however, the well defined lines of interference patterns were reflecting through will full articulation.  Lower down on the hill, I went long, looking for the lines that were hiding in the storm.  I got this pristine shot through the aspens that was delightful and vacant.  I really love to take the time to go far enough to the perimeter to get the fresh lines with no pressure.  The harbor chop built up quickly with the density of the product, so I called it a day early to save my knees from the pounding.   While waiting for my first Tram I met Harry Caston, who is the father of Marcus and Rosie Caston. Both Marcus and Rosie are amazing free riders that push the limits of intense excitement.  I am always amazed at the lines that Marcus bags on a daily basis and it was great to meet the father of such great athletes.    Tomorrow, look for some more accumulation, but I don’t expect too much to be added the dance floor.  Look for the Groomers to be rockin’, with super carvacious quality.  That harbor chop will still be in effect, but perhaps some overnight wind might set up some sweet wind lines.  Those lines have been going off for days now, so I think that might be worth looking at for the morning session.  Traffic will again be high during this holiday weekend, but there is plenty of space to find your soft lines and the lifts were dealing with the pressure in fine fashion.  It is great to have the fresh coating.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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