2-20-17 by dave

The Sun was shining for the first hour this morning before clouds began to move in.  As anticipated, there was some fresh accumulation, and the South wind had prepared the hill with wind lines on many aspects.  The High North seemed to have benefited the most from the wind work, as the first Tram unloaded and the hard driving first wave made Upper Silver Fox look as spectacular as it was.  Yesterday’s installment had been packed out by the wind, making it smooth and predictable every where I went.  The Groomers were offering greatness as well, with wind driven dust covering the corduroy.  That Lower Primrose Path line had been reworked, which offered insanely smooth buffage that made me hurry back for more.  There was a lot of traffic, but after the initial push, the lines were short and turnarounds were a snap.  After Noon, the wind really kicked into high gear, moving more snow to the High North. I was not able to get a good shot of the day, with the clouds and visibility issues, and I missed that short Sun window in the morning, so I am putting up this example of the Art I have been playing with.  Tomorrow, look for the wind lines to be freshened, the Groomers will be seriously dialable, and the traffic should be a lot lighter.  The wind is forecast to still be a big factor as the next Low moves toward the Front, so look for free refills on some aspects.  All the entrances are really filled in, with easy access.  I am now working lines that I have ignored all season, taking advantage of the great cover.  The hill is in great shape and there are so many choices it would take days to hit them all.  See you there for the fun lines in the Fun Zone!!  IBBY!!

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