4-30-19 by dave

Cold overnight temps. made for a solid freeze in the pack, and an overnight dusting put a bit of feather in each turn. It was kind of a misty morning, with residual clouds hanging out in Mineral Basin. Here is a shot of the East Twin with the still clouds in the back bowl.

High contrast morning with blue bird in the front and wispy clouds in Mineral Basin

Great lines of Industrial Smoothing had been prepared, with White Diamonds-Lower Silver Dipper offering sugar corn quality top to bottom, and Gheen Gully beautifully prepared in, yet , another rare offering that made me do hot laps to dial in as much of that Vintage Line as I could. The front side of the hill was bullet proof and needed a lot more time to soften and was just breaking at 11:30 AM, when a sorbet quality began to make those Peruvian lines sweet and tasty. Here is a shot of Gheen Gully looking smooth and steep. I still don’t know how to make a steep shot look as steep as it is, and this is steep.

Gheen Gully with the epic Industrial Smoothing that is as rare a treat as long history attests.

At 12:30 PM the front moved in with wind, stout precipitation, and a reduction in visibility top to bottom. The sorbet lines were holding up on the fronts side, with slick smooth conditions, however, the new snow began to make a sticky situation that began yanking on my ligaments, so I bailed for the day and changed out the snows on The Star Cruiser. Here is a shot of the Louisiana Snow Bunnies looking great in a couple of very fashion forward one pieces suits. Everything comes full circle.

The Louisiana Ski Bunnies getting their first taste of Snowbird.

Tomorrow, look for a bit of fresh accumulation, more great groomed lines, and unsettled skies. Dress for a much colder day, and dress for weather. The off trail will be quite difficult, so stick with the prepared lines for the best ride. The hill is still fully fat, with no signs of melt off yet. See you there for the fresh festivities. Straight Ahead!!

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