4-29-19 by dave

Visibility was good today, but the light was very flat and the details were very hard to discern. The high overcast kept the Sun from working the pack too fast, and with the fair overnight freeze, and a light dusting on the peak, the groomers were good to go for a much longer time. White Diamonds-Lower Silver Dipper was offering perfect corn sugar to start out the morning, but adding a lap back to the Tram let you get both the back side and the front side inside the half hour window the 15 minute schedule the Tram was running on. On the front side, Peruvian Gulch was just breaking, so those early morning lines were offering a fair bit of tooth, but there were a couple of aspects that needed a bit more time and a cautious approach in the flat light. Here is a great shot of good friends dialing in the spirit of Spring.

Pulling out all the stops on a super Spring morning.

The overcast made the quality last well past Noon, but the bottom elevations began to get a bit heavy, but still slick and free flowing. I bailed at 1 PM as the flat light was hard to deal with after such a rockin’ morning. Tomorrow, look for a weather mix day. I think we will get the morning session in before the weather moves in. Look for the groomers to be offering the best lines of the day and try out that back to front approach to squeeze the most vertical out of the Tram schedule. Dress for weather and expect precipitation at some point. We’ll see how it shakes out. As Joe Man the Snowman say’s, ” Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce!!!”

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