3-25-17 by dave

That very wet system moved in over The Front this morning, with heavy rain that pelted the skin of The Trailer all day long.  Up on the hill, the precipitation was very dense, as the lower elevations hovered between drizzle and snow.  Visibility was at a premium, as dense clouds hung on the hill.  It was a good day for me to get thing done and get ready for the week ahead. Here is a shot I took yesterday of West Twin with Pipeline front and center to add some sunshine to a gloomy day.  Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation to have fallen overnight, as it is still raining here at The Trailer.  I will be looking for the smooth lines in the AM. until I can get a sense of how today’s traffic worked the hill.  This high density will help cover that old crusty layer and I anticipate some very good turning in the AM. Clearing is in the forecast, so I expect visibility to be vastly improved, and the Groomers should be kicking it with the new snow tilled into the mat.  Getting those velvet smooth lines was one of the real treats of yesterday’s morning session, and I expect the same for tomorrow’s early morning offerings.  The Cat Crew has been doing a stellar job of keeping it fresh and fun, with new and expanded lines each day. Here is another shot I took yesterday of the outside dinning on the peak.  It is like you are suspended in space while you sit on Top Of The World.   See you there for the freshness in the AM.  Speed Safely!!

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