3-24-17 by dave

The Sun was bright and the sky was clear this morning, with fresh powder and fresh lines waiting for the Faithful.  There was a fair turnout for today’s offerings, so I took advantage of the vacant line on The Peruvian Chair to access Mineral Basin, where there were lots of choices.  The wind had worked some of the aspects, making them a bit tricky and stiff in places, but other aspects were dry chalky and felt very nice under foot.  On the Front of the hill, great Groomers were offered up as the new product got worked into the mat.  The feel was dry and chalky and much more consistent than yesterday.  I took full advantage of the rock and roll lines that were vacant with everyone hitting Mineral Basin.  Here is a shot of the East Twin looking 3D.The air was quite cool for the morning session, which helped keep the new snow refrigerated and feeling smooth.  I had to dress up for the condition, but I was able to put on a light shell later in the morning.  When The Road To Provo opened, it was worked over in just minutes and I missed it entirely, but I did get to hit as rousing Mark Malu where the  big mountain smooth was excellent and very fast.   I ran into Lynn Wieland and her daughter Kate Pekuri this morning.  Lynn is down from Bogus Basin for her first day at the Bird this year.  I got to make a couple of laps with them and had fun ripping Lewis and Clark, getting the fresh lines.   Tomorrow, look for a stormy day with snow for most of the day.  Look for those smooth Groomed lines for the most consistent ride in the variable visibility.  Coverage remains very good and the new snow will keep the quality improving on all sides of the hill.  I will be taking the day off for some R&R, and will leave the smoothing to you all.  “….. Explode into SPACE”!!


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