3-26-17 by dave

The Sun was shining brightly, illuminating the fresh coat of Essence that covered the hill after that last impulse.  The new product was quite dense, but it was also cold dry and very consistent.  That super wet precipitation from yesterday seemed to have melted into the pack, leaving only around 4 to 5 inches on top.  The Peruvian Trifecta of Upper, Middle, and Lower Primrose path was the top to bottom favorite for the morning session, as the opening of Mineral Basin was delayed for a bit. The Trifecta was off the charts amazing, with hero snow that made each turn a carving extravaganza.  I love it when the big pitches get the treatment, and offer that ground pounding excellence that lets you get your best out of the hill.  Here is a shot of  Pipeline shining.  It was fairly cool for the early session, but the temps. were warming fast and I was able to put my light shell on after breakfast.  Mineral Basin was offering some very nice prepared runs, but the off trail had some variations hiding underneath the new installment, which required a very deliberate approach.  I chose to stick close to the prepared lines to keep the smooth going from the first runs of the day.  The high elevations kept the quality going all day, but the lower elevations began to absorb some of the ambient heat and became a bit manky later in the day.   Tomorrow, expect storm riding to be the order of the day. Remember your smooth lines from today, and stick close as the visibility will be variable.  The Groomers will be offering the most consistent ride, and with some of the steep lines being given the extra love, it keeps the charge alive in the sketchy light.    The Forklift morning breakfast tradition is the highlight of the day, and these fine folks are can always be counted on to make each visit a treat.  After a rousing morning of intense excitement, it is nice to have such an amazing place to get centered for the rest of the day.  Stay Frosty!!!

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