3-27-17 by dave

A few inches of beautiful Essence covered the dance floor this morning, making the Groomers particularly special.  With some windows of Sun in Mineral Basin, that was the call in the otherwise variable visibility.  The White Diamonds – Lower Silver Dipper offered amazingly soft and smooth turns with just those few inches of freshness making each turn an experience.  At the top of a Lewis and Clark lap I ran into Team Arslanian, who were getting ready to sample the perfectly un tracked goodness that was in store.  This was one of the only windows of Sun that opened all day long, and I am glad they got to get the goods with great visibility.   On the front of the hill, the Grooming was a bit more sparse, and the off trail was feeling  variable after yesterday’s traffic, and I stayed with the smooth lines to deal with the fading visibility as clouds lowered.  Here is a shot of the Wall Of Voodoo just about ready to turn the corner and march up the Canyon, where it unleashed it’s furry in a real hurry.  The accumulation of fresh Essence that came with the impulse was multiple inches per hour, and there was a whole new coating when we came out from the Forklift Recon. Meeting. Here is the screen grab of the radar image just minutes after this shot was taken, so you can see the immediacy of the impulse.  Visibility really went South when the front hit and I was only able to knock out a couple more laps before I bailed to get down the Canyon before the road got too greasy.  Heavy snow continued all day long, with a high density product that will go a long way toward covering the crusty substrate.  Tomorrow, look for great snow wall to wall.  There should be fairly heavy traffic for the goods so plan accordingly.  Check the road report for restrictions in the AM. There will be residual flurries in the AM. and visibility will still be variable.  Stay with the known smooth lines for the best ride, but the new product will make the rumble much more subdued.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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