1-08-15 by dave

It was so sunny this morning that I was able to ski with the top down all day long.  Mineral Basin was offering the best lines of the morning with bright sunshine and excellent corduroy  for the morning crew.  Here is a shot of the fresh corduroy as it extended perfectly placed as we got off the Tram.  The front of the hill was still offering the smooth lines as well, with no traffic on the Tram, it was easy to slam down the back to backs.  The light traffic enabled a bit more DSC02406juice to be taken to the line as the lines were vacant.  The off trail continues to become smooth and consistent with the rumble ironing out as the pack gets worked.  The deep interference patterns have smooth lines through them as well, but there are a lot of smooth lines to explore.  Of course, I am totally into the smooth.  Today was extra special, in that there was a large turnout of  TEAM SIZZLE for the morning session.  Here is a shot of the group who was hitting the goods right out of the chute.  I have been sharing the dream with these folks since ’76 and they are all still killing it on the hill.  Hard to comprehend how much time has gone by.  DSC02412Tomorrow, look for another spring like day, with the Groomers to be offering the hard driving lines that will ramp up your heart rate if you let them run.  The Sun will be shining back out in the Basin, and the Front of the hill will still be holding the cold snow despite the warm temps.  Be sure to watch those aspects that took a lot of Sun today, as they will be crispy first thing, but will soften as the day warms.  The Lewis and Clark has been really like a private resort.  It is the easiest way to take a ski vacation, just ride up that Baldy Chair.  See you for the morning fun.  Stay Frosty.

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  1. Tom and Betty says:


    So exciting to see the dream lives on again. Recognize most but not all. See you soon and thanks again for the origins. See you soon. Say hi to all, and keep sizzlin’.


  2. Becky says:

    Great pic! Love seeing all you guys and Tracy! Team smiles and sun! Big hug to the cute guy on the end…and you too Dave!


  3. Tomdbomb says:

    Historical moment seeing all of you together. Just a couple 2nd stringers missing. You guys should’ve hog tied Chuck and put him in the photo.

  4. curtis kreutzberg says:

    The Guru ,Danny Knoop, me, Pete Colgren, Tracy Emsley, Scott Densley, Mark Jones. It was good!!

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