1-09-15 by dave

It was a bit colder this morning, which meant that there was a firmer freeze on those aspects that had seen a lot of Sun yesterday.  The Groomers on those aspects were crispy indeed and needed some Sun and time to soften up.  The Front of the hill is still holding the cold in the snow pack and feels dry and chalky top to bottom.  Though it is firm, there is plenty of tooth and dust on the surface to nail the turns.  There were folks early on trying to deal with some of those South facing off trail sections that had not even began to break, and I could not help but feel for them.  When the Sun did soften things up, there was that soft Spring like feel to the pack.  I was out on a Lewis and Clark pass and stopped by the Crossing along the Border looking into Alta. Everyone was happy to have the good snow and the Sunshine up here at the top of the lift.  DSC02418The Groomers are providing those early morning treats on all sides of the hill.  The High North is still holding that cold smooth chalk, and is not showing any signs of breaking……yet.  Tomorrow, look for some clouds to be around due to some weather going South. Remember, those lines that saw a lot of Sun today will be crispy.  It is unusual to have to factor in the Sun damage to the snow pack this early in the season, but this warmth has made this a consideration.  Look to the North and North East faces for the cold dry lines.  Here is a shot of TEAM BANANA who were staged and ready for another run on the hill. DSC02421 They were stoked to be ripping the Tram.  Glad to see the energy  on the hill.  I will be taking my day off tomorrow to rest up for next week.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!!

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