1-10-15 by dave

As anticipated, the weather has begun to change a bit from the spring like Sunshine we have been having.  The hill had clouds hanging on the peaks and it looked kind of gloomy as I looked up through the Inversion Haze from the Trailer.  The Sun was not going to be able to warm the critical aspects, so there was some crispy lines out and about.  The High North has not been affected by the recent temps and was still holding the cold smooth chalk that has been a feature of those aspects.  With such flat light it must have been tough to see the details.  The hill remains still well covered, though there are a couple of spots where the base is getting a bit thin with all the direct sunlight hitting it full on.  That will quickly be remedied as soon as we get back in gear.  It is raining here at the Trailer as I write this, so I expect that to translate into some freshness on the hill.  Here is a shot of some early morning light glinting on some icicles that thought it was spring already.  Nah!!!DSC02409Tomorrow, look for some accumulation after this evenings precipitation, but the hard pack will still be in play in a big way.  Remember the smooth lines from this week and avoid some of the Gnar that has been set up by the Sun.  It will not be softening tomorrow either.  The Groomers will be the place to let it rock, as the snow quality is still producing some great corduroy.  I will be there for the opening bell, see you there.   A big shout out to the crew in Tasmania!!          Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!

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